Used Clothing


Our Quality:
By any standard, our quality is exceptional. We enjoy an excellent market reputation and have always earned the repeat business and trust of our first-time customers. Customers have traveled from as far as South America and South East Asia to visit our facility.We grade the best used clothing available, including original (credential) clothing. We’re constantly working to grade the best mixed rags, this means the best possible product for our customers. We don’t purchase low grade or border rags, nor will we purchase graded goods from elsewhere. Your bales are guaranteed to be made in-house and meet our quality standards.

We believe in honesty and accountability in both our staff and ourselves. We take customer feedback seriously, understanding that your success will insure our ours. Our definition of #1, #2, #3 won’t change based upon your location. We also pride ourselves in including many premiums in our bales (we don’t make separate bales of branded clothing, dockers, cargo pants, sexy shorts etc). We’ve heard from customers that our bales are unlike any others, we hope that you’ll agree.

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